A downloadable game for Windows


Bring_me_that_galactic_item_v_0.1.5.zip 47 MB


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I am very confused, also scared

Ahah, thanks for the feedback, it's still unfinished. No gameplay yet and music with sounds (audio is ready, just waiting to be put inside). :)

Are you still working on this thing? I've been keeping up with every update. I'm intrigued, I wanna see where this goes.

Hi, thanks for taking the interest :) I am not working on the game right now, and probably won't work on it in the future. It was made for a game jam and when it ended I left any work related to this project because this project wasn't something that was intended to be released, it was created just for the competition. (I believe I put the audio in the last update which was a long time ago.)